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    Wed Jun 06, 2012 3:06 pm
    Message by rosado360 - role play
    i want the earth deck
  2. b2brawler12
    Fri Mar 02, 2012 8:10 pm
    Message by b2brawler12 - Partner tourney deck lists
    Deep sea diva X3
    Friller rabca X3
    Gallis the star beast X3
    Hammer shark X3
    Nimble sunfish X3
    Shark stickers X3
    Spined Gillman X3
    Heavy storm X1
    Monster reborn X1
    Monster slots X3
    Mystical space typhoon X2
    Pot of avarice X1
    Salvage X3
    Surface X3
    Fiendish chain X3
    Solemn judgment X1
    Solemn warning X2
    Extra deck:15
    Catastor X1
    Brio X1
    Stardust dragon X1
    Black ray lancer X3
    Gachi gachi gantetsu X2
    Leviair the sea dragon X2
    Number 17: Leviathan dragon X3
    Submersible carrier aero shark X2

    Maxx "C" X2
    Sangan X1
    Tour bus X1
    Tour guide X3
    Wind-up hunter X2
    Wind-up magican X3
    Wind-up rabbit X3
    Wind-up rat X3
    Wind-up shark X3
    dark hole X1
    Heavy storm X1
    Monster reborn X1
    Pot of avarice X1
    Wind-up factory X3
    Bottomless trap hole X2
    Compulsory evacuation device X2
    Fiendish chain X3
    Mirror force X1
    Solemn judgment X1
    Solemn warning X2
    Torrential tribute X1
    Extra deck:
    Adreus X1
    Daigusto emeral X1
    Grenosaurus X1
    Leviair the sea dragon X2
    Number 17 X1
    Number 20 X1
    Number 39 X1
    Tiras X1
    Wind-up arsenal zenmaioh X1
    Wind-up carrier zenmaity X3
    Wind-up zenmaines X2
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